FAQ - Musicians

Here is some important information for musicians:

  • This is primarily an acoustic event. However, like previous years there will be a small generator to power mics for vocals.
  • It is a non-commercial event. No tickets are being sold, and no pre- or post-event financial gain is being sought after by the event producer or anyone else. The Fest is all about spreading your sound to new audiences, networking with your peers, and enjoying a summer lakeside day.
  • Food (basic cookout fare) will be provided for the musicians. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance. And of course, feel free to bring your own food as well.
  • Only musicians are allowed to park on-site. Your invited guests must park on the street and walk down like everyone else.
  • Musicians are allowed 4 invited guests per time slot (i.e.: even though more than 1 person may be performing, the allowance is 4 guests total). They can be personal friends, giveaways to 'super fans', or something similar, as you see fit. A list from each musician should be submitted. That being said, your (meaning you, the performer) significant other is absolutely welcome, and is in addition to the allocated 4.
  • Feel free to photograph, videotape and/or audio record your performance for your own future use, using your own portable equipment, with the knowledge that there will be many (sometimes loud) children in attendance.
And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, send a note to Ken at Kenozoic@gmail.com or give him a call at the number he provided in his invitation e-mail.