2011: Year Two (link to original year two site)

Everyone had such a good time that I decided to continue the festival the following year. Coming back for a second round of performing were Vanessa Kafka, Elizabeth Lorrey and Almanac Mountain. We added duo The Rafters and Boston rocker Abbie Barrett for a five-slot day of music; and this year we had a generator to make sure every voice was audible to the far reaches of the lakeside space (and beyond). Local musician Kris Lucander sat in with both Elizabeth and The Rafters, and old friend Pete Rathier added some percussion in key places. It was another fine summer day - who could have expected low humidity, with temperatures in the high 70's low 80's (and plenty of shade) two years in a row? The twenty kids (and 60 or so grown-ups) in attendance definitely enjoyed both the music (there was an 'Amateur Hour' for the kids to sing) and the lake. That pretty much sealed the deal for me, and so I will be hosting these music festivals for as many years as the musicians continue to choose to spend the day with an appreciative group of fans (both old and new) who travel from near and far (New England, NY, TX, CA, and more) to listen to fine music from the nation's best.
Almanac Mountain
Elizabeth Lorrey & Kris Lucander
The Rafters

Vanessa Kafka
Abbie Barrett