2010: The inaugural year (link to original site)

I'll get more in-depth with the genesis of the festival later (and fill in names), but long story short: 

I decided to have a bunch of my musician friends down to the lake to perform for the day for our friends & families. The singer for the band two of them were in asked if she could accompany them on vocals and I readily accepted. She then suggested a friend of hers who might be interested, and when that person also agreed, I got up the nerve to ask a few of my favorite local (i.e. New England) musicians to come on down, and that filled up the day with several solid musical acts, turning it into a true festival. Between 60-70 people spent the day listening to talented people perform their hearts out until the sun went down, and fun was had by all. The day ended after sunset with fireworks over the lake.

Almanac Mountain
Lee Villaire

Elizabeth Lorrey
Vanessa Kafka & her band
Happy young fans!