FAQ - General

Here is the official FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for attendees (to be updated as needed):

  • Just like previous years, this is a non-commercial event. Admission is free.
  • That being said, it is a private function, as it is located on private property, and is not set up to accommodate unexpected crowds. It is invite-only, and entry will be permitted only if you have responded to the invitation, or your musician sponsor has submitted the names of all members of your party. Invites will be sent out sometime after Easter. Crashers and/or those who did not respond to the invitation will be turned away without remorse.
  • It is kid-friendly.
  • It begins around 2:00 pm and ends after sunset.
  • Carpooling is essential. As anyone who has been down to the lake over the last 48 years knows, there is not a lot of parking. If you are not an immediate family member or one of the musicians, you must park on the street above, on the lake side of the street only, at your own risk. However, you may drive down and unload first, being extremely vigilant of the children at play.
  • There will be the following conveniences: A fire pit & a gas grill (or two) for cooking; a Port-a-John on-site; kayaks, floats, and other water sports-type accessories.
  • The event is like any public beach day: bring your own food, beverages, ice, cooler, chair, towel, sunscreen, etc...
  • There is no electricity or plumbing, and the only private area for changing clothes is inside the large storage shed (among the folding chairs), or in the aforementioned Port-a-John.
  • There may be an open "Amateur Hour" time slot available for folks who wish to have an audience to play for, and/or for children who feel inspired to sing! Bring your guitar, bongos, horn section, etc... just in case.
If you have any questions or concerns, Ken is always available at Kenozoic@gmail.com or any other method of contact you may already have. See you there!